Our Services include household cleaning and insects killing service, etc. Recently, we have incorparte advanced environmental friendly products, such as (1) Megastar Bioshield with 16 functions to prevent smell and to prevent virus indoor. (2) CT to dissolve cancer particles after interior decoration and remodeling. (3) Fu End to kill virus indoor up to 6 months.

While we understand every customer is different. Housework cleaning will customize different service plans to fulfill different needs.

Housework cleaning has obtained necessary liabilities insurance for our workers to prevent our customers from getting into 3rd party liabilities during our services.

3 Steps to Advanced Healthy Living

In order to achieve advanced healthy living regardless of age difference, the health standard of your household bear an important role.

Asides of regular household cleaning, carpet cleaning and insect prevention services, we have developed 4 steps to assist you achieving advanced healthy living standard

 Applying Megastar Bioshield

Megastar Bioshield is a kind of milky, proven non-toxic & waterproof coating that can be applied on various types of surfaces. i.e. metal, ceiling, wall, air exhaust, etc. Megastar Bioshield appears transparent after applied onto surfaces; it is “glued” onto the surfaces so it cannot be easily washed away. Proper application of Megastar Bioshield can last between 2 to 5 years.
Megastar Bioshield has 16 distinct functions include killing H1N1 virus, anti-static (dust), smell absorbption, etc.This product is perfectly used for your new home during remodeling.

Why it works?)
Megastar Bioshield does not use chemical substance to reach virus killing effect; rather, its fundamental formula is to use physics mechanism to break virus cells through the creation of positive charged materials to absorb negative charged virus particles in the air; then instantly break down the virus cells to avoid spreading and further virus growing

 CT Air Quality Control Assignment

After remodeling work are done, there is usually some residual smell that could cause cancer, and it could also cause headache and other health conditions.

We apply CT Air Quality Control Assignment to dissolve those toxic chemical and smell, resulting better air quality indoor.

This product is perfectly used for your home post remodeling.

Why it works?
The fundamental mechanism of CT Air Quality Control Assignment is to give the toxic particles some charge to reach oxidation stage; resulting chemical break down below are the lists of lab test result for your reference.

 Flu End Periodical Virus Preventiion Assignment

Fly End is a patented innovation from Japan that has lab certificates proofing non-toxic & non-invasive. While there are other similar products in the markets, Flu End can last as long as 6 months.
By using air misty special gun with Flu End, it turns 1 ml of Flu End into 400000 negative charged particles to kill virus instantly. Flu End is made of plant, and have received AOAC standard.
This product is perfectly used for your home post remodeling on your furnitures & air conditioners, and it should be used periodically.

Why it works?
By using the plant generated Flu End with a patented Air Misty machines, it turns 1 ml of Flu End into 400,000 negative charged particles; when we spray it onto hidden corners or furniture or frequent human touch surfaces, it develops lengthy effect of virus killing.

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